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The wandering ghost lights of the outback

An Excerpt from this article:

…On 15 April 1937, an Indarra, Western Australia resident recounted the following, more tragic, tale.

“About nine months ago I was living home with my father, mother and sister … We had finished our supper and my mother and I … had just stepped onto the verandah when we both saw two lights like floating stars coming towards us from the sky. It gave me such a fright that I ran back to the kitchen, but my mother wasn’t a bit frightened. She stopped there and watched them. She said afterwards that they stopped a few minutes and then disappeared.

“About a week later my father met with an accident which caused his death and my mother followed him three months afterwards.”

…Whatever their origin and whatever they may represent, the wandering ghost lights of the Australian outback, seen from the earliest days of settlement, continue to mesmerise and intrigue to this day – and are yet to be satisfactorily explained.

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